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UC3833DW Part number naming origin

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The part number UC3833DW is used to refer to a specific semiconductor device manufactured by Texas Instruments. The naming convention used for this part number is as follows:


UC: This prefix is used to indicate that the part is a member of the UC family of devices, which are high-speed, high-performance power supply controllers.

3833: This number sequence indicates the specific model within the UC family. The first two digits, 38, represent the maximum voltage rating of the device (38 volts). The last two digits, 33, indicate that this device has two outputs and is capable of synchronous rectification.

DW: This suffix is used to indicate the package type of the device. In this case, DW refers to a 16-pin SOIC package with a surface-mount design.

The UC3833DW is a high-speed PWM controller designed for use in high-power and high-frequency applications. Some of the key parameters of this product include:

Input voltage range: 4.5V to 16.5V

Output voltage range: 0V to VCC

Maximum switching frequency: 1 MHz

Adjustable dead time control

Adaptive shoot-through protection

Error amplifier with 2 MHz gain bandwidth product

Soft-start capability

Undervoltage lockout protection

These parameters may vary depending on the specific manufacturer and version of the product.

The physical characteristics of UC3833DW include:

Package type: SOIC (Small Outline Integrated Circuit)

Package dimensions: 5.00mm x 8.65mm

Number of pins: 16

Lead material: Copper Alloy

Weight: 0.019 ounces (0.54 grams)

Electrical Characteristics of UC3833DW:

UC3833DW is a high-speed pulse width modulation (PWM) controller designed for use in DC-DC converters. Here are some of its electrical characteristics:

Supply Voltage Range: The operating supply voltage range of UC3833DW is 10V to 20V.

Output Drivers: UC3833DW has two complementary output drivers capable of delivering 1A peak current.

Switching Frequency: The switching frequency of UC3833DW is adjustable from 50kHz to 500kHz.

Soft Start: UC3833DW features a soft-start circuit to reduce the inrush current during startup.

Duty Cycle Range: The duty cycle range of UC3833DW is 0% to 100%.

Error Amplifier: UC3833DW has an error amplifier with a high open-loop gain of 100V/mV.

Oscillator: The oscillator of UC3833DW has a frequency range of 50kHz to 500kHz and is internally trimmed to an accuracy of ±5%.

Shutdown: UC3833DW features a shutdown input that disables the outputs and reduces the supply current to 50µA.

Undervoltage Lockout: UC3833DW has an undervoltage lockout (UVLO) function that disables the outputs when the supply voltage drops below a certain threshold.

Note that the exact electrical characteristics of UC3833DW may vary depending on the manufacturer and the specific version of the product.


Frequently Asked Questions

1、Product replacement model with part number UC3833DW
Product replacement models are typically determined based on specific requirements and compatibility, and may vary depending on the application and the manufacturer's offerings. It would be best to consult with the manufacturer or a knowledgeable distributor to determine suitable replacement options for a particular application.
2、Product life cycle for part number UC3833DW
The product life cycle for part number UC3833DW would depend on the manufacturer and their policies. Typically, electronic components go through four stages of the product life cycle: introduction, growth, maturity, and decline. During the introduction stage, the product is launched and marketed to gain traction in the market. The growth stage sees increased demand and production to meet that demand. During the maturity stage, sales plateau as the product reaches market saturation. Finally, during the decline stage, the product is gradually phased out as newer products take its place. To determine the current stage of the product life cycle for UC3833DW, it would be best to check with the manufacturer or a knowledgeable distributor. They may be able to provide information on the product's availability and planned obsolescence, which can give an indication of the stage of the product life cycle.
3、The category of the product with the material number UC3833DW
The product with the material number UC3833DW belongs to the category of Integrated Circuits (ICs). Specifically, it is a Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Controller IC.

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