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MC74HC595ADR2G Part Number Details

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The part number MC74HC595ADR2G corresponds to a specific semiconductor device. Here are some details associated with this part number:


1.Manufacturer: The MC74HC595ADR2G is manufactured by ON Semiconductor, a reputable semiconductor company known for producing a wide range of electronic components and integrated circuits.

2.Device Type: The MC74HC595ADR2G belongs to the 74HC series, which is a standard high-speed CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor) logic family. The "595" in the part number suggests that it is a shift register device.

3.Functionality: The MC74HC595ADR2G is a shift register with a serial input and parallel output. It is commonly used for expanding the number of digital output pins of microcontrollers or other digital devices.

4.Package Type: The "ADR2G" in the part number indicates the package type of the device. In this case, it refers to a surface-mount package with 16 pins. The exact package type can be determined by referring to the datasheet.

5.Voltage Compatibility: The "HC" in the part number denotes that the device operates at a high level of compatibility with both 5V and 3.3V logic systems. It can handle a wide range of input and output voltage levels.

To obtain detailed and accurate information about the MC74HC595ADR2G, including its pin configuration, electrical characteristics, timing diagrams, and application guidelines, I recommend referring to the official datasheet provided by ON Semiconductor. The datasheet will provide comprehensive information about the product parameters, allowing you to utilize it effectively in your electronic design or application.

Here are some common parameters for the part number MC74HC595ADR2G, based on general specifications of similar shift register devices. However, please note that these parameters may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer or specific datasheet. It is crucial to refer to the official datasheet provided by ON Semiconductor for precise and up-to-date information.

1.Package Type: SOIC (Small Outline Integrated Circuit) package with 16 pins.

2.Supply Voltage: Typically operates with a supply voltage range of 2V to 6V.

3.Logic Family: High-Speed CMOS (HC) logic family, compatible with both 5V and 3.3V logic systems.

4.Logic Function: 8-bit Serial-In, Parallel-Out (SIPO) shift register.

5.Number of Stages: 8 stages. It can store and shift 8 bits of data.

6.Clock Input: Clock (SCLK) input for shifting data from the serial input to the shift register.

7.Serial Data Input: Serial input (SER) for inputting data into the shift register.

8.Parallel Data Output: 8 parallel output pins (Q0 to Q7) for outputting the stored data in parallel format.

9.Latch Enable Input: Latch Enable (RCLK) input for latching the shifted data into the parallel outputs.

10.Output Enable Input: Output Enable (OE) input for enabling or disabling the outputs.

11.Data Transfer Rate: High-speed operation with typical data transfer rates of several megabits per second.

12.Propagation Delay: The propagation delay specifies the time it takes for the data to propagate through the shift register.

13.Operating Temperature Range: Typically, the operating temperature range is -40°C to +85°C.

These parameters provide a general overview of the MC74HC595ADR2G shift register. However, it is essential to refer to the official datasheet for precise information and to ensure accurate usage of the device in your specific application.


Frequently Asked Questions

1、Replacement model of the product with part number MC74HC595ADR2G
The MC74HC595ADR2G is a specific part number associated with a shift register device. When searching for a replacement model for the MC74HC595ADR2G, it is important to consider the following factors: 1.Functionality: Look for a shift register with similar functionality, such as a serial-in, parallel-out (SIPO) configuration with the desired number of stages. 2.Logic Family: Consider the logic family requirements of your application. In the case of the MC74HC595ADR2G, it belongs to the High-Speed CMOS (HC) logic family. Ensure that the replacement device is compatible with the same or equivalent logic family. 3.Voltage Compatibility: Verify the supply voltage range required for your application and select a replacement device that operates within the same voltage range. 4.Pin Configuration: Check the pin configuration of the MC74HC595ADR2G and ensure that the replacement device has a compatible pinout to facilitate easy integration into your existing circuitry. To identify potential replacement options, you can explore the product offerings of reputable semiconductor manufacturers such as Texas Instruments, NXP Semiconductors, or ON Semiconductor (the manufacturer of MC74HC595ADR2G). These manufacturers often provide parametric search tools on their websites that allow you to filter products based on specific criteria such as functionality, voltage range, package type, and more. By inputting the desired specifications, you can find alternative shift register devices that may serve as suitable replacements. Additionally, it's always recommended to consult the official datasheets and documentation of potential replacement devices to ensure compatibility and verify that they meet the requirements of your application.
2、Package type of the product with part number MC74HC595ADR2G
The package type of the product with part number MC74HC595ADR2G is SOIC (Small Outline Integrated Circuit).

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