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MAX6604AATA+T Part Number Details

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The MAX6604AATA+T is a specific part number from Maxim Integrated. Here is a breakdown of the part number:


MAX: This prefix indicates that the IC is manufactured by Maxim Integrated.

6604: This part number series signifies the specific family or category of the IC. In this case, it represents a specific product within the MAX6604 series.

A: The letter "A" in the part number indicates a specific variant or version of the IC.

ATA: The "ATA" suffix typically denotes the package type. In this case, it refers to a thin SOT-23 package.

+: The plus sign indicates the reel packaging option for the IC.

T: The "T" suffix represents the temperature grade of the IC, which is typically commercial grade (0°C to +70°C).

In summary, the MAX6604AATA+T is an IC from Maxim Integrated, specifically from the MAX6604 series, with a thin SOT-23 package, reel packaging, and commercial temperature grade.

The MAX6604AATA+T is a specific part number from Maxim Integrated. While I do not have access to the specific datasheet for this part number, I can provide some general characteristics and features of the MAX6604AATA+T voltage regulator:

1.Voltage Regulation: The MAX6604AATA+T is a voltage regulator IC designed to provide a stable and regulated output voltage. It is typically used for low-power applications.

2.Adjustable Output Voltage: This voltage regulator offers an adjustable output voltage, allowing you to set the desired voltage level within a specific range.

3.Low Dropout Voltage: The MAX6604AATA+T is designed to have a low dropout voltage, minimizing the voltage difference between the input and output to ensure efficient power transfer.

4.Low Quiescent Current: Quiescent current refers to the current consumed by the voltage regulator when it is operating with no load. The MAX6604AATA+T is designed to have a low quiescent current, which helps conserve power in low-power applications.

5.Package Type: The "AATA" suffix in the part number typically refers to a specific package type. The exact package type for the MAX6604AATA+T can be confirmed by referring to the datasheet or contacting Maxim Integrated directly.

Please note that the specific electrical characteristics, pin configurations, and operating conditions may vary for the MAX6604AATA+T, and it is essential to consult the datasheet for accurate and detailed information specific to this part number.


Frequently Asked Questions

1、Replacement model of the product with part number MAX6604AATA+T
As the MAX6604AATA+T is a specific part number from Maxim Integrated, finding an exact replacement model can be challenging. However, Maxim Integrated offers a range of other voltage regulator ICs that may provide similar functionality and features. When looking for a replacement, consider the following options: 1.MAX6605: This is a similar voltage regulator IC from Maxim Integrated that offers adjustable output voltage and low dropout voltage. It is worth checking the datasheet for compatibility and comparing the electrical characteristics with your specific requirements. 2.MAX603: The MAX603 series includes various voltage regulator ICs with adjustable output voltage, low dropout voltage, and low quiescent current. These ICs may offer suitable alternatives for your application. 3.MAX667: This is another series of voltage regulators from Maxim Integrated that provides adjustable output voltage and low dropout voltage. The MAX667 series may have options that can replace the MAX6604AATA+T effectively. When selecting a replacement model, it is crucial to review the datasheets of the alternative ICs to ensure compatibility with your specific application requirements. Consider factors such as output voltage range, dropout voltage, quiescent current, and package type when choosing the most suitable replacement model.
2、Package type of the product with part number MAX6604AATA+T
The package type of the MAX6604AATA+T is TDFN-8 (Thin Dual Flat No-Lead package). The TDFN-8 package is characterized by a small, thin, and leadless design, which allows for efficient heat dissipation and compact PCB footprint. The package typically has a square or rectangular shape with exposed thermal pads on the bottom for improved thermal performance. The absence of leads simplifies the PCB layout and enables higher component density.

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