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L6564H Part Number Details

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The part number "L6564H" corresponds to a specific component or integrated circuit. Let's break down the part number to understand its details:


1.Prefix: The prefix "L" typically represents the manufacturer or brand name associated with the component. In this case, "L" could refer to STMicroelectronics, a well-known semiconductor manufacturer.

2.Base Number: The base number "6564" indicates the core functionality or series of the component. It may represent a specific type of integrated circuit or a family of related devices. The L6564 series likely has specific characteristics and features that distinguish it from other components.

3.Suffix: The suffix "H" usually provides additional information about the package type, temperature range, or specific features of the component. However, without access to specific documentation, it's challenging to determine the exact meaning of the "H" suffix in the L6564H part number.

To obtain detailed information about the L6564H part number, I recommend referring to the manufacturer's datasheet, technical documentation, or contacting STMicroelectronics directly. The datasheet will provide comprehensive information about the component, including electrical specifications, pinout, package details, application notes, and recommended operating conditions.

By searching for the part number on the STMicroelectronics website or using online electronic component databases, you should be able to find the relevant documentation and detailed information about the L6564H part number.

The part number L6564TDTR refers to a specific version or package option of the L6564 series of integrated circuits by STMicroelectronics. Here are some characteristics associated with the L6564TDTR:

1.Operating Voltage Range: The L6564TDTR typically operates with a voltage range from 8 V to 800 V.

2.Maximum Output Current: The maximum output current for the L6564TDTR is around 250 mA.

3.Switching Frequency: The L6564TDTR typically operates at a fixed switching frequency of 60 kHz.

4.Control Method: The L6564TDTR utilizes a current-mode control method for regulating the power output.

5.Package Type: The "TDTR" suffix in the part number suggests that the L6564TDTR is packaged in a PowerSSO-16 (Power Single-Sided Cooling) package. This package type allows for efficient heat dissipation and thermal management.

6.Protections: The L6564TDTR includes various built-in protection features, such as overvoltage protection (OVP), overcurrent protection (OCP), and thermal shutdown, to ensure safe operation and protect the device from excessive voltage, current, and temperature.

These characteristics are provided as a general overview and may not include all the specifications and features of the L6564TDTR. It's important to consult the official datasheet or contact STMicroelectronics for precise and up-to-date information on the L6564TDTR part number, as specifications may vary based on specific versions, revisions, or package options of the component.


Frequently Asked Questions

1、Product life cycle for part number L6564TDTR
Product life cycle stages can vary depending on the manufacturer's policies and market conditions. However, in general, electronic components go through several stages in their life cycle: Introduction: The product is initially introduced to the market, often with limited availability. Growth: The product gains popularity and market acceptance, leading to increased production and wider availability. Maturity: The product reaches its peak in terms of market saturation and sales. It is widely available and may have a stable or declining production rate. Decline: The demand for the product decreases, often due to newer technologies or alternative solutions entering the market. Manufacturers may start phasing out production and reducing support for the product. End of Life (EOL): The product is officially discontinued, and the manufacturer may no longer produce or support it. Components may become harder to find, and support may be limited. To determine the specific life cycle stage and availability of the L6564TDTR, I recommend contacting STMicroelectronics directly or checking their official website for the most accurate and up-to-date information. They can provide details on the current status of the part, any potential phase-out plans, and suggest suitable alternatives if necessary.
2、Package type of the product with part number L6564TDTR
The part number "L6564TDTR" indicates a specific version or package option of the L6564 series of integrated circuits by STMicroelectronics. The "TDTR" suffix provides information about the package type. In the case of L6564TDTR, the package type is PowerSSO-16 (Power Single-Sided Cooling-16). The PowerSSO-16 package is a type of surface-mount package that allows for efficient heat dissipation and thermal management. It typically has a single-sided heat sink or thermal pad on the bottom of the package to enhance thermal dissipation. Please note that while the package type is commonly associated with the L6564TDTR, it's always recommended to refer to the official datasheet or documentation provided by STMicroelectronics to confirm the exact package type and specifications for this particular part number.

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