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DLP650LEFYL Part number naming origin

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The part number DLP650LEFYL refers to a DLP (Digital Light Processing) chipset produced by Texas Instruments, which includes a DMD (Digital Micromirror Device) and associated support electronics for use in projectors and other display applications.


The origin of the part number is likely as follows:

"DL" stands for "Digital Light Processing", the technology used in the chipset.

"P" likely stands for "Projector", as the chipset is primarily used in projector applications.

"650" likely refers to the resolution of the DMD, which is 1920x1080 pixels (or 1080p), a common high-definition resolution.

"LE" likely stands for "Large End", indicating that the chip has a large end or orientation.

"FY" and "L" are likely internal codes used by Texas Instruments to denote specific versions or variations of the chipset.

The product life cycle for the DLP650LEFYL may vary depending on various factors such as demand, technology advancements, and production cost. As a specific product, it is subject to the usual stages of a product life cycle, which are as follows:

Development: During this stage, the product is researched, designed, and tested to ensure that it meets the necessary specifications and requirements.

Introduction: In this stage, the product is launched in the market, and production starts to ramp up to meet demand.

Growth: As the product gains popularity, production volume increases, and the company begins to earn a profit.

Maturity: During this stage, sales of the product start to level off as the market becomes saturated. The focus shifts to maintaining market share and extending the product's life through upgrades or modifications.

Decline: Finally, sales of the product begin to decline as it becomes outdated or newer, more advanced technologies emerge, and the product may be phased out of production.

It is difficult to predict the exact life cycle stage for any particular product, as it depends on many external factors such as market demand and technological advancements. However, Texas Instruments has been producing DLP chipsets for many years, and the DLP650LEFYL has been available for several years, suggesting that it has already passed through the introduction and growth stages and is currently in the maturity stage.


Frequently Asked Questions

1、Parameters of the product with part number DLP650LEFYL
The DLP650LEFYL is a Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) chipset produced by Texas Instruments for use in high-definition projectors and other display applications. Some key parameters of this product include: Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels (1080p) Micromirror array diagonal size: 0.65 inches (16.51 mm) Micromirror pitch: 7.62 μm Micromirror array aspect ratio: 16:9 Maximum tilt angle: +/-12 degrees Mirror switching speed: up to 16 μs Micromirror count: 2,073,600 Other specifications, such as the input/output interface and power requirements, may depend on the specific implementation of the chipset in a given projector or system.
2、Product replacement model with part number DLP650LEFYL
As far as I am aware, Texas Instruments still produces and sells the DLP650LEFYL chipset, and there is no official replacement model or part number listed on their website. However, Texas Instruments may offer alternative DLP chipsets with different resolutions, sizes, or other features that could potentially serve as replacements for the DLP650LEFYL in certain applications. If you are looking for a replacement for a specific projector or system, I recommend contacting Texas Instruments directly for assistance in identifying the most suitable replacement part.
3、Product color with part number DLP650LEFYL
The part number DLP650LEFYL refers to a digital micromirror device (DMD) used in DLP (Digital Light Processing) projectors, which is a monochrome device. It consists of an array of tiny mirrors that tilt towards or away from a light source, creating light or dark pixels on the screen. The DLP technology uses a color wheel to project red, green, and blue light sequentially through the mirrors to create full-color images. Therefore, the color of the product with part number DLP650LEFYL is not applicable since it is a monochrome device that reflects light towards the projection lens.

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