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ADT7468ARQZ-RL7 Part Number Details

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The part number ADT7468ARQZ-RL7 corresponds to a specific IC (Integrated Circuit) from Analog Devices. Here is a breakdown of the part number:


AD: This prefix indicates that the IC is manufactured by Analog Devices.

T: This letter indicates that the IC is a temperature sensor.

7468: This part number series represents the specific family or category of the IC.

A: The letter "A" in the part number signifies a specific variant or version of the IC.

R: The "R" suffix denotes the package type. In this case, it refers to a small outline package.

Q: The "Q" suffix typically denotes the package variant or option. It may refer to specific features or characteristics of the IC.

Z: The "Z" suffix usually represents the temperature grade of the IC, which is typically commercial grade (0°C to +70°C).

-RL7: The "-RL7" suffix indicates the reel packaging option for the IC.

In summary, the ADT7468ARQZ-RL7 is a temperature sensor IC from Analog Devices, specifically from the ADT7468 series, with a small outline package, commercial temperature grade, and reel packaging option.

The ADT7468ARQZ-RL7 is a temperature sensor IC from Analog Devices. Characteristics and features of temperature sensor ICs that might apply to the ADT7468ARQZ-RL7:

1.Temperature Sensing: The ADT7468ARQZ-RL7 is designed to accurately measure temperature in a specific range. It may utilize various temperature sensing techniques such as diode-based sensing or integrated temperature sensors.

2.High Accuracy: Temperature sensor ICs typically offer high accuracy to ensure precise temperature measurements. The specific accuracy of the ADT7468ARQZ-RL7 would be provided in the datasheet.

3.Digital Interface: Many temperature sensor ICs feature a digital interface, such as I2C or SPI, for easy integration into digital systems. This allows for straightforward communication and temperature data retrieval.

4.Low Power Consumption: Temperature sensor ICs are often designed with low power consumption in mind, making them suitable for power-sensitive applications and extending the battery life of portable devices.

5.Package Type: The "ARQZ" suffix in the part number typically refers to a specific package type. The exact package type for the ADT7468ARQZ-RL7 can be confirmed by referring to the datasheet or contacting Analog Devices directly.

Please note that the specific characteristics, pin configurations, and operating conditions may vary for the ADT7468ARQZ-RL7. To obtain precise information, I recommend referring to the datasheet provided by Analog Devices or contacting their technical support.


Frequently Asked Questions

1、Package type of the product with part number ADT7468ARQZ-RL7
The package type for the ADT7468ARQZ-RL7 is QFN (Quad Flat No-Lead). QFN packages are characterized by a square or rectangular shape and have no leads extending from the sides. Instead, they have exposed metal pads on the bottom surface for electrical connections. The QFN package offers a compact footprint, good thermal performance, and ease of assembly. The specific dimensions and pin configuration of the ADT7468ARQZ-RL7 in the QFN package can be found in the datasheet provided by Analog Devices.

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